Pecos Hank

Hank Schyma

Pecos Hank embodies the dark side of the roots. Moody Tex-Mex tunes, fun blues diddy’s, vintage surf tones and rockabilly riffs all tango with haunting baritone vocals, beautiful choir, and elegant orchestration. New record “El Reno Blues” has an all star cast of Texas artists and the Fiddle Witch, Jo Bird often companies his live performances. The album summons influences old and new from Tom Waits, Patsy Cline, Chris Isaak to Jack White.

Pecos Hank has a dedicated 15 year history in the band Southern Backtones which received worldwide exposure on MTV2, TV shows, movies and national radio. He’s also a famous storm chaser making appearances on The Discovery Channel and the Weather Channel while his extreme tornado footage captures worldwide air time on National Geographic, BBC and the motion picture “The Last Witch Hunter.” A wild man who’s true tales of wrestling tornadoes, wrangling rattlesnakes and surfing waves are indeed on par with larger than life folklore cowboy “Pecos Bill”! He presents as a wonderer with an affinity for lonely deserts, Western fringe and New Orleans Voodoo all of which is reflected in his music.