Chris Bexar – Buildings Reimagined 2.0

Chris Bexar, Currently On View

Chris Bexar - Buildings Reimagined 2.0

MKT BAR is honored to exhibit work from Chris Bexar.

Artist Statement

I choose components from computers and arrange them to mimic an imagined urban space. I’m curious about the way our brains decipher what we are looking at and the way the senses interpret and formulate visual information. Our brains take a short cut based on past experience to create a construct of what it believes we see. Instead of creating a whole new database of new information, the brain fills in the bits of change. The brain makes up most of what it sees. It relies on memory as much as new information. The brain also pulls and pushes information from memory and present perception to build our reality. So our brains are affected by what we have already seen as well as what is in front of us. Most people will see my images as real urban landscapes, because the brain takes a leap using information based on the way urban landscapes are supposed to look. With this in mind, I started a series of real architectural photos and warped them into an unreal distortion. I manipulated these images to see how much I could twist reality to see if the brain would still believe the architecture was real. I’m twisting the surface in reality in order to question the reality of the image surface. I like the friction created from sculpting the canvas over the substrate in this way because it adds a new level of emotion.

Artist Bio

Chris Bexar is a Houstonian and award-winning artist that works predominantly in digital photography, which includes video. He photographs electronic waste as a base to his urban landscape images. His passion for architecture is fed by the meticulous arrangements he creates for his photos. He has a background in painting and electronic refuse sculpture. Bexar’s work was featured at Houston Ballet’s presentation Tenacity in June of 2018, the four digital images were joined together to create a free standing structure representing a defiant stance the city of Houston presented as we faced the destruction of hurricane Harvey. His previous series of digital landscape photos were also featured at “The Future Is Ow” In January 2016 in a group show at Marlborough Chelsea NYC. In 2015 this artist had two shows in Dallas Texas at Makebish + RE and RE Gallery. Also he showed at “Mark Flood Resents” studio in Miami Beach during Art Basel Miami 2014. This artist has won numerous awards for his sculpture and digital work. His museum exhibitions include Art Car Museum, Austin Museum of Digital Art, Blue Star, Galveston Arts Center and Wichita Falls Museum of Art. This artist’s work has appeared in solo shows in Houston at Commerce Street Art Warehouse, Magnolia Gallery, and Mackey Gallery and in many group exhibitions around the USA.