COVID-19 Update

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our world and city in unimaginable ways.

The Phoenicia family of businesses will continue to work with the City of Houston Office of Emergency Management and Health Department among other authorities to ensure safety guidelines are followed through the ever-changing environment within our industry. We have implemented rigorous sanitation protocols that call for daily deep cleaning and frequent sanitizing of high traffic areas every hour. Phoenicia continues to enforce employee and customer social distancing within every area of our restaurant and market locations. Sneeze guards have been installed at every register within our markets, hand sanitizer provided in-store, self-service bar selections have been converted to pre-packaged items, employees have been issued gloves and masks, and management has strongly reinforced sanitation measures as well as proper handwashing and hygiene to staff.

As a local business in Houston since 1983, we will continue to work in every way possible to slow the spread of Covid-19 and flatten the curve, so the lives of our neighbors, customers and employees may return to normal as soon as possible. If a confirmed case of Covid-19 is reported at any of our locations, we will be transparent and clear in our messaging to our employees and customers regarding the risk involved and measures we are taking in response.

We received documentation on April 9th confirming one employee tested positive for Covid-19 at our Westheimer Market at 12141 Westheimer Rd. Employee’s last day was March 30th and thankfully is recovering well. The person did not come in contact with retail floor or customers. When employee notified company that they were going to get tested, the areas that staff member came in contact with were sanitized thoroughly for several days, access to those areas were restricted to all employees during that period, and those working in the same area sent home for two week quarantine. We have and will continue to take as many steps needed to neutralize the possibility of spread.

This too shall pass with the teamwork and energy being put in by everyone throughout our community.